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BRONX, NY, October 25, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Noreen Henry is a powerful coach, mentor, speaker, and teacher.? She is now graciously sharing her knowledge of victorious living as a bestselling author and #1 in hot new release for her
current book.
In her book, “Victorious Living: Guide to a Happier Life,” Noreen gives you practical examples,
encouraging scripture, and inspirational testimony, so that you can live a life overflowing with
peace, joy, and happiness.? You will find positive tools and the knowledge needed for you to
triumphantly overcome all your trials and tribulations to victory.
“To have a victorious and happy life, the very first thing you need is salvation.? After salvation,
you need to start reading and learning God’s Words and start applying it to your life.? If you do
that, things will begin to change.? However, you have to be patient with the changes, it’s a
process, and we have to be patient with the process.” — Noreen Henry
“For us to reach what we’re going for, it takes action.? Victory is a result of participation, and
thriving is the result of showing up and being amazing in doing your best in the world.”–Steve
Kidd, the host of “Thriving Entrepreneur” radio show.

Noreen Henry began taking hits from the enemy, satan, from the time she was born.  She
immediately labeled herself as an ugly child by internalizing that negative description.
She continued to take hits when wrongly divorcing her covenant husband that caused her
family and children harm and needless suffering.  She needed much joy, peace, and happiness
in her life.
Noreen began totally living by the Word of God.  She successfully turned her whole life around
to become a successful mentor and coach, and victoriously and triumphantly living through all
the trials and tribulations that came and come her way.
It saddens Noreen to see people suffering in their lives without joy, without peace, without
happiness, and without overcoming their issues to victory.  She wrote a new bestseller to
share what she has learned and the steps to take in order that many more may join her in a
victorious, fulfilling, God-serving, and purposeful life.

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