Patients can address the root causes of their health issues with dietary measures

BOSTON, MA, April 14, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Complex Health Solutions, provider of the industry-leading RootFinder™ tool for functional medicine practitioners and patients, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership and licensing agreement with Personal Remedies, the producer of the largest food-disease interaction knowledgebase in the industry.

The RootFinder tool is an intelligent algorithm-based system that can predict the most likely underlying root causes of a patient’s health issues explained in a report. The report offers suggestions on the next steps patients can take to confirm and address the identified root causes. In many cases, the root causes of a patient’s health issues can be addressed through proper diet and nutrition therapy. Examples of such cases include: folate deficiency, specific mineral deficiency, and copper imbalance. Some root causes identified by the RootFinder may require following a specific diet such as a low oxalate diet or a low-histamine diet. In addition, for many symptoms experienced by the RootFinder users such as anxiety, stress, depression … Personal Remedies provides personalized dietary guidance in form of mobile apps, via an industry standard API or handouts as part of the services offered by the Complex Health Solutions.

“Proper dietary and lifestyle habits are critical to preventing and managing health complications, symptoms and the growing chronic illness crisis in our country,” says Dr. Andrew Lenhardt, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Complex Health Solutions, “Personal Remedies is an impressive combination of technology and nutrition science, and a perfect fit in our mission to help people learn about the root causes of their health issues and how to address them.”

“We are delighted to partner with the CHS organization and play a role in their game-changing approach to healthcare and functional medicine,” says Mory Bahar, President & CEO of Personal Remedies, “CHS RootFinder’s ability to zero in on the root causes of an individual’s health issues in a matter of minutes with no need for lab work is nothing short of revolutionary.”

As part of the strategic partnership between the two companies, Mory Bahar has been invited to join the board of directors of the Complex Health Solutions.

About Complex Health Solutions.
Complex Health Solutions (CHS) is dedicated to improving the lives of those with complex health issues, a group that continues to be drastically underserved. Developed by a physician and enabled by AI technology, the RootFinder from CHS can identify the most likely root causes of a patient’s symptoms and illnesses – in minutes. CHS is the first in industry to offer the Functional Medicine professionals this unique and powerful tool to perform their job more accurately and more efficiently saving time, money and frustration for providers and patients alike.

For more information, please visit CHS at, follow them on Twitter (@TheRootFinder), Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

About Personal Remedies.
Personal Remedies is empowering chronic illness patients everywhere via the world’s first e-Dietitian. For telehealth, integrative medicine and wellness organizations looking to improve their care for chronic conditions, its cognitive system can provide science-based, fully-automated, individualized dietary guidance. Personal Remedies offers a unique knowledgebase on food-disease interactions accessible via an open API, and the largest collection of health and nutrition apps in the market. To arrange for a demo or for more information, please contact their team ([email protected]), or visit Personal Remedies is a Health Transformer within the StartUp Health ( global army of entrepreneurs.

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