Poorly maintained roads can lead to severe accident cases due to the negligence of private parties or state agencies.

ASHEVILLE, NC, April 19, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Each year, millions of people get injured in vehicle accidents because of the negligence of another party. Most of these accidents occur due to another driver’s irresponsible actions. However, a significant number are due to the poor maintenance of roads.

Bad Roads Can Cause Vehicle Accidents

Attorney Lakota Denton says that victims should not make assumptions about the cause of an accident before seeking legal counsel. He explains that there are several factors to consider before identifying the negligent party.

“Starting with potholes, to various characteristics such as lack of proper signage, obstructive debris and malfunctioning traffic lights, there are numerous ways poorly maintained roads can cause vehicle accidents,” Denton says.

“Proving negligence on the part of the responsible party requires considering factors around the road’s faults, like how long the fault has existed and whether any action has been taken to fix the problem.”

Failure to Properly Maintain Roads

The government is responsible for maintaining public roads and ensuring that they are in good working condition. Road defects, problems created by flooding due to poor drainage, and faded paint lines, can lead to vehicle accidents. Victims of accidents caused by these road defects can sue the government in a personal injury or car accident lawsuit.

Without doing a proper inspection of the roadway, most victims believe that they are responsible for the accident. Bad roads can lead to single-vehicle accidents where drivers blame themselves for the crash.

Suing for Poor Maintenance of Private Roads

Victims of car accidents due to improperly maintained roads can sue property owners for damages. In this case, the lawsuit can be similar to a typical personal injury lawsuit with solid evidence that the property owner neglected to take care of their road. An attorney provides professional assistance to help victims with all the necessary processes involved in suing negligent parties.

Legal Counsel Can Enable Proper Evaluation of Accident Causes

Denton says seeking legal counsel from a car accident lawyer enables victims to recover compensation by examining the case and providing the most appropriate strategies.

“Suffering from a vehicle accident due to irresponsibility can be a huge blow, especially when the major cause is a road that the government failed to maintain. An attorney can help you understand the rules involved in suing a government and getting adequate compensation,” Denton says.

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