Aaron Delgado & Associates recently released a free Florida child support calculator on their website.

DAYTONA BEACH, FL, March 05, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Local Daytona Beach criminal defense, family law, and personal injury attorneys Aaron Delgado & Associates recently released a free Florida Child Support Calculator on their website.

The Child Support Calculator is a powerful tool that allows anyone with the necessary information to discover how much they might owe or receive for monthly child support payments in Florida.

About the Florida Child Support Calculator

The Florida Child Support Calculator may be viewed directly at: https://communitylawfirm.com/florida-child-support-calculator

This Child Support Calculator uses the same formula that the State of Florida uses to determine court-ordered child support payments. By using Aaron Delgado & Associates’ Calculator, you can get a reasonable estimate for how much you might be awarded or required to pay in child support by a Florida court.

Using the Florida Child Support Calculator

To use the calculator, simply visit the link above on a laptop or desktop computer (or enable desktop browsing on your mobile device), and fill out all of the fields in the form, including: your monthly net income; your ex’s monthly net income; the amount of minor children that you and your ex share; the monthly amount spent on child care for the child(ren) in question; their monthly costs for health insurance, non-covered medical visits, non-covered dental visits, and non-covered prescriptions; the monthly amount of childcare and child health insurance payments that are actually made by each parent; and the monthly amount each parent actually pays for the child(ren)’s non-covered health expenses.

If each parent has the child(ren) for at least 73 nights of the year, there is an additional field where you can enter how many overnights are spent with each parent. Do not skip this step if you already exercise timesharing because it will affect the outcome of your child support estimate.

Once you’ve completed all of the fields as honestly as possible and to the best of your knowledge, you will see your estimate of actual monthly child support to be paid by each parent.

Some family situations may have additional factors that are not typically included, but can affect the amount of child support each parent is responsible for if the matter is brought before a judge in a Florida court. Additionally, if any information is different when you pursue child support, you may receive a different outcome.

Creating the Florida Child Support Calculator

The Florida Child Support Calculator was internally created, programmed, and perfected specifically for Aaron Delgado & Associates by their research and development team.

About Aaron Delgado & Associates

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