The Zeoturb liquid bio-organic flocculant’s NSF certification allows for utilization in drinking water utilities and other sensitive water clarification applications.

MAITLAND, FL, April 15, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Genesis Water Technologies, a global water solutions engineering company has announced that it has received NSF 60 certification for its Zeoturb liquid bio-organic flocculant.

The NSF 60 certification provides the ability for Zeoturb to be used in drinking water, process water and wastewater clarification applications for both water utilities and industry applications.

Genesis Water Technologies is committed to innovation and sustainability and this certification of the Zeoturb liquid bio-organic flocculant is no exception. This treatment product is used in both water utilities and industries for primary and secondary clarification for the reduction and removal of inorganic and organic particles. These particles include silt, suspended solids, algae, dyes, trace heavy metal reduction and removal.

Are you a Distributor or Consulting engineer working with Industrial, Commercial or Water Utility customers? Are you looking for an innovative, environmental friendly alternative to conventional metal salts or synthetic polymers to offer or recommend to your clients? … Then Zeoturb liquid bio-organic flocculant is your answer.

After rigorous development and testing, the proprietary NSF certified Zeoturb liquid bio-organic flocculant can be injected into the water source using chemical feed pump systems and a static or mechanical mixer.

The Zeoturb liquid bio-organic flocculant products have applications in:
– Drinking Water (Clarification)
– Waste Water (Primary/Secondary Clarification)
– Storm Water
– Process Water

Zeoturb liquid bio-organic flocculants are now available to our distribution partners and representatives in the USA and across the world.

Across the globe, there is an increasing need for environmentally safe and sustainable clarification solutions.

This is no more apparent, than in the age of the global Corona virus pandemic and its implications on water & wastewater treatment.

Genesis is on the cutting edge of addressing this critical issue.

Primary Benefits of Zeoturb Liquid Bio-Organic Flocculant:

– Greater Clarification Efficiency with Lower Post Treatment TDS levels versus traditional coagulants.
– Lower Application Dosages Rates versus Synthetic and Metal Treatment Coagulants/Flocculants with up to 50-60x lower treatment rates.
– Increased Filterability of the Flocculated Particles
– Lowers Suspended Solids/Turbidity levels faster than synthetic polymers and metal coagulants
– Reduces Solids Generation Volume post treatment
– Environmentally Friendly and Non Toxic with the ability of sludge solids to be land applied or safely disposed in a typical landfill without restrictions.

Do not miss out on this opportunity. To learn more about the NSF certified Zeoturb liquid bio-organic flocculant for your client applications, connect with us through our website

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Genesis Water Technologies is an award-winning leader in specialized drinking water & wastewater reuse solutions. We specialize in serving industries and water utilities within the US and across the world in meeting their water quality challenges through advanced treatment solutions and services founded upon innovation and collaboration.

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