The price increase mixed with a disruption of services leading to the refusal of customers – and all during the Omicron period – generates a shortage of manpower in the field of snow removal, which worries company owners for the future.

MONTREAL, QC, January 07, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Also, concerning the condition of streets and entrances in certain sectors.

To remedy the situation, a few entrepreneurs, such as Snow removal Vincent Dubé in Montérégie, have found a hybrid “manual / mechanical” approach to increase their capacity to meet new snow removal demands in their sector, while keeping a human and safe approach. -measure.

A lack of manpower and an increase in demand

In an industry that never lacks customers, the labor shortage is even more alarming, said the dozen companies surveyed by Le Journal last October.

Some have been forced to interrupt their manual snow removal service, and others to reduce the quality of their work and visit their customers less often. A detour that Déneigement Vincent Vaillancourt Dubé refuses.

Philippe Thibodeau, having trained the company’s snow removal team, readily admits that the job is difficult and very demanding:

“It’s like an emergency department, but for a whole season. We must be ready to help our customers day and night, warn them and reassure them about the accessibility of their business after a storm. It’s difficult, but you feel useful and absolutely necessary! Especially since working with municipal snow removal contractors is not always easy.”

More expensive, less services

Results: snow removal companies have to refuse customers, cut back on the services offered and drive up the price of snow removal contracts.

The owner of Déneigement Dubé, Vincent Vaillancourt Dubé, however, refused to increase his rates as did the majority of his competitors in the region – an average increase of 15%.

“If I have any advice to give: if you have received your renewal, book early, because you never know what kind of winter you are going to have,” explains Vincent Dubé, who always maintains the same level of service, and is very proud to have kept the same prices for 10 years with its customers.

“We continue to provide SMS notification services to all of our customers, whether residential or commercial, 24 hours prior to our visit. This helps to avoid complications related to vehicle parking. We also advise them after each big storm. We don’t leave anyone in the dark or in the snow,” he recalls.

Close to its community above all!

As Vincent Vaillancourt Dubé explains, what motivates him above all – him and his entire team – is the closeness to people and the service they render to their neighborhood and their community.

“We are inhabitants and neighbors above all! Much of the gratification of our job, which is rather physically demanding and demanding in terms of schedules, comes from giving thanks from the people we serve. They are a local clientele that we have known personally for years and in many cases we are in contact with them before, after and sometimes even during snowstorms! It is as much a self-help service as it is a simple snow removal service without an identity. We are proud of that!” Concludes Vincent Vaillancourt Dubé.

Snow removal Vincent Vaillancourt Dubé is a company specializing in residential and commercial snow removal in Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil. Whether you own or rent your home or commercial building, we make sure to develop quality and adapted service for each of our clients.

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