Elective share lawyers at Laskody Law Office, PC, help their clients get their fair share of their deceased spouse’s estate by regularly publishing useful information.

CARRBORO, NC, April 03, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Many people in North Carolina have never heard of an elective share. With over 20 years of legal experience, including helping surviving spouses avoid disinheritance and get their fair legal share of their deceased spouse’s estate, Laskody Law Office is dedicated to giving helpful tips & resources to individuals and families.

While the idea of preventing the disinheritance of surviving spouses is simple, the details and the laws are complex. Few people outside of attorneys focusing on estate litigation and administration are familiar with the elective share law.

That’s why some surviving spouses who get disinherited, either on purpose or unintentionally by their deceased spouses, do not know they have a right to claim their fair share of the estate. However, if the North Carolina elective share law protects spouses against disinheritance, why are so many people in the dark when it comes to their rights?

There are several reasons why that happens. For example, the attorney representing the estate, as well as courthouse clerks, are not allowed to give advice to the surviving spouse. In addition, the executor of the estate sometimes doesn’t know about the elective share or doesn’t want the surviving spouse to know. However, an attorney experienced with elective share cases is familiar with investigating assets and knows the rules about what to file and when.

“Our clients are in the difficult situation of grieving a loved one and learning they may be cut out of the estate. That is often a matter of financial survival for them. Collecting as much as possible for our clients is an important goal, but they often have other goals and interests. Going after every dollar often adds more time and stress to the case. We work with our clients on finding the right balance,” the founding attorney of the Laskody Law Office, Lee Laskody, said.

He continues, “When you sign up with our firm, you join our family. We treat clients the way we want to be treated. Laskody Law Office is committed to answering questions about Estate Administration, Elective Share, and Representing Heirs issues in North Carolina. There are laws to protect surviving spouses from disinheritance, and it is so satisfying to see my clients receive their fair share of the estate.”

Lee Laskody is the founding attorney at Laskody Law Office, PC. He graduated from The University of North Carolina School of Law and has been practicing law since 1998. He is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, North Carolina Bar Association – Fiduciary Litigation Section, and Orange County Bar Association.

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