Tired of using the same old car? Is your car not working as smoothly as it used to? Or do you just want to give up on an old car to go in for a new model?

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, September 08, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Tired of using the same old car? Is your car not working as smoothly as it used to? Or do you just want to give up on an old car to go in for a new model? There could be a million reasons for you to sell your car. Whatever your reasons maybe, there are a number of things to do before you can actually go out and sell it. One most important aspect to take into consideration is your vehicle’s registration. Any vehicle that you drive on the roads must be registered in your name. It is a legal requirement of the country. There are many reasons behind why you must register your vehicle, registering it proves the ownership of the vehicle. In case of any robbery, accident or illegal activity the vehicle can be traced down through the registration details. But what happens when you plan to sell your car? Should you let the vehicle registration remain in your name? That is a big no!

Whenever you plan to sell your car, make sure that the vehicle registration is either transferred to the seller or you cancel the registration before selling it. If the vehicle no longer belongs to you the registration also should not belong to you.

The Reasons Behind It Are:

The new user could be reckless in driving. Reckless driving can create too much of havoc and if the vehicle is traced down while the registration is in your name you will have to face the consequences.

If the new owner of the car is involved in an accident, you may get involved in the case just because the registration still belongs to you.

It remains the same for any parking tickets that could be issued, any sort illegal activity in which the car is used, or even breaking traffic rules. All of the above actions could get you into serious trouble with the law. That is why it is mandatory that the registration must be transferred to the new owner within 14 days of purchase. Or you could simply cancel your registration before selling your car.

In both the cases paperwork is essential. It may sound scary, but if your paperwork is in place there is nothing you need to worry about!

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