With an extensive archive of in-depth reviews from top-grade researchers and reviewers, CarBuzz’s buyer’s guide is designed to help you find the best vehicle for your needs.

PHOENIX, AZ, August 02, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — The automotive market in the USA is expansive and competitive, with almost every global brand vying for dominance. Whether you are shopping for a super-performance Porsche Taycan or a more family-friendly Hyundai Palisade, a lot of research and legwork needs to be done before you sign the papers. CarBuzz has a knowledgeable crew of researchers and reviewers who get their hands dirty by looking under the hood of every car on the US market before writing in-depth guides to help you make the best decision on your new purchase.

Unique BuzzScore system

Every model we cover in our extensive buyer’s guide is attributed an overall rating, aptly termed the ‘BuzzScore’. This isn’t just some arbitrary figure but rather a careful amalgamation of each vehicle’s design, performance, MPG, interior, infotainment suite, safety and reliability, and overall value for money. By separating these values, we make it easier for shoppers to focus on meeting their specific needs. Not everyone needs loads of cargo space, and other consumers may place more focus on an abundance of tech and comforts instead of how quickly they can get to 60 mph. We have also put together comprehensive lists to help you identify the highest-ranking vehicles in various categories, such as ‘Best Trucks for Towing’, ‘Best Sedans under $50k’, and ‘Best Hybrid Cars’, to name but a few.

Easy-to-use comparison tool

You may only have a vague idea of what you are looking for, so every model we review is compared against its closest rivals to give you even more information. Aspects such as engine, power outputs, fuel economy, available features, and interior space in the front and back seats, are pitted against each other to show just where each offering shines. Beyond this, we offer a comparison tool where you can select a number of models you’re interested in, even across configurations such as coupes, crossovers, or even pickup trucks. This makes it that much easier to develop your shortlist before diving into the in-depth reviews for an overall picture to help you find your perfect ride.

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