WeeTect announces its new generation of photochromic visor inserts.

SHANGHAI, CHINA, November 09, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — WeeTect, a leading manufacturer of visor inserts, announces its new generation of photochromic visor inserts. This new helmet visor insert called the WeeTect Photochromic Visor Insert (WPVI), features a permanent photochromic film with a hydrophobic coating on its outer surface.

The WeeTect Photochromic Visor Insert is a universal accessory that fits on nearly all cylinder helmet visors. Its unique design makes it easy to fit on the outer surface on the helmet visors thereby, guaranteeing superior water/rain repellant and anti-glare properties.

“This marks yet another significant milestone by our researchers in the Foshan Lab after years of researching on both photochromic and hydrophobic technologies,” said Taylors Lei, the WeeTect product manager. “WPVI is the first helmet visor of its kind that features both photochromic and hydrophobic technologies, which is easy to fix and guarantee great optical performance .”

To ensure eye safety, WeeTect uses high grade photochromic ingredients that guarantee quickest tinting and fading, depending on the intensity of ultraviolet radiation. Within the first 10 seconds, the WeeTect Photochromic Visor Insert fades from 82.9% to 11.2%.

WeeTect’s photochromic ingredients are mainly carbon based compounds such naphthopyrans or indenonaphthopyrans. They are safe and reliable.

All these therefore guarantee safety in all weather conditions by tinting faster to eliminate UV radiation and fades quickly for better visibility.

In addition to this, WeeTect Photochromic Visor Insert features high grade hydrophobic ingredients for a superior water or rain repellant performance. This is an environmentally friendly substrate that repels water through molecular interactions.

Basically, the hydrophobic ingredients are water “hating” substrates that repel water by beading up the droplets. As a result, water droplets either roll off the visor surface or are blown away by wind.

Furthermore, the hydrophobic property of WeeTect Photochromic Visor Insert removes possible dirt and salts that may remain on the surface of these helmet visors. Again, this ensures there is no dirt built on the surface that may distort vision or result in micro-scratches during cleaning.
This new technology is now open to all WeeTect clients including the OEM partnerships, be it for standard or custom sizes and designs.

Contact Details:
Name: Taylors Lei (Product Manager)
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +86-1381-690-5765

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About WeeTect

WeeTect Material Limited manufactures lens & visors for OEM businesses. Since 1993, the company has invested in R&D, producing many polycarbonate coatings.

The latest in its product line is the WeeTect Photochromic and Hydrophobic Visor Inserts.

Website : https://www.weetect.com/

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