Second single from his upcoming album wraps nostalgia in driving rock beats

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 11, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Chris Sullivan’s new single “By the Light of the Radio” hearkens back to a different era before people used social media and streaming sites to find new music. In this time, not so long ago, the radio was the best place to find the hottest new track. With “By the Light of the Radio” Chris perfectly captures the warm memories and excitement of slowly turning a dial to find that perfect song, available for streaming on Chris’s website and Facebook page and for download on all major music platforms on October 13th.

“By the Light of the Radio” leads with an upbeat harmonica riff, followed by rhythmic guitar and quickly launches into an upbeat remembrance of time well spent listening to music. With clever lyrics written by Chris, and a beat perfect for dancing fast, “By the Light of the Radio” delivers a perfect blend of new and old.

“By the Light of the Radio” is the second single from Chris’s upcoming album. The album continues the musical journey of Chris’s creativity. Drawing from his experiences from childhood to adulthood, “By the Light of the Radio” explores his relationship to music and the world. Chris Sullivan’s music has received favorable reviews in the past most recently Artist View Blog described his music as having a “Mellencamp energy that is missing from the music world today” and Chris’s voice as having “comfort to it. It feels like home”.

Now, with the highly anticipated release of “By the Light of the Radio” Chris has the opportunity highlight his vocal skills to a growing audience of followers.

“This is probably one of the most straightforward, personal songs I’ve written. It was during those countless hours spent by the radio that I met my musical heroes, I found comfort, I found inspiration, and most definitely found myself!” says Chris about his dedication to his music.

Around Charleston, SC, Chris Sullivan is a well-known presence. He maintains a busy performance schedule across South Carolina, keeping his fanbase happy. When not performing, Chris is writing new material and honing his craft.

About Chris Sullivan

Chris Sullivan is a singer/songwriter from South Carolina. His childhood in Charleston provided him with the exposure to music that fueled his drive to learn to create his own sound. Chris is inspired by a wide swath of musical styles, which is reflected in his work. Not bound by trends, Chris uses his talent and intuition to create deeply personal songs that resonate with audiences. When not writing new music, Chris maintains a busy performing schedule at venues around his home state, South Carolina. For updates on Chris’s performance schedule and upcoming new releases, follow Chris on Facebook or Twitter (@youngsullivan), or go to

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