High Finance, clandestine transactions, mysterious airport transfers and professional assassins bring us into the high-octane world of “The Journeyman.”

SAN ANSELMO, CA, August 16, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — With the recent international financial crises, one wishes for a film that would take the dive into that murky world of offshore finance. Peter Babakitis’s new thriller “The Journeyman” does just that. A taut and fast-moving adventure through the back streets of Athens, Zurich, and other international cities, we follow a rogue corporate spy and an underground activist in their race to expose massive financial crimes, while being pursued by ruthless assassins.

“The Journeyman’s moody and gritty cinematic ride and Chinese-puzzle mystery plot have won this movie numerous international awards, including the prestigious Best Feature Thriller Award from the Austria International Film Festival, and awards from numerous other festivals.

The Screen Debut of popular San Francisco model/writer Krystal Langevin is a thrilling feature of this indie hit, which has deservedly landed her a Best Actress Award, and international praise for a tough, soulful performance as the journalist Ariana.

Also featured is one of the off-beat stars of indie film, Brian Narelle, star of John Carpenter’s cult classic “Dark Star,” and other intriguing off-beat indie and art-house favorites, like “Kuksu” and “Space Ninja”, and recently the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.” Brian Narelle portrays the mysterious and secretive client Waldenstein.

The lead role of Lawrence, a beleaguered corporate spy turned rogue, is portrayed by the director himself, Peter Babakitis, known for his off-beat performance as Shakespeare’s Henry V. Lawrence is a classic introvert detective/witness torn from his comfort zone into a foreign world of deadly intrigue, where the journalist Ariana becomes his guide and partner as they race to expose the criminal dealings of an international gang.

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