Real Estate Tycoon Jerome Karam is Helping to Rebuild Houston

HOUSTON, TX, September 16, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Jerome Karam Houston hails from Friendswood with deep roots in the community. He also ties to Louisiana, where he completed his undergraduate studies at LSU. Jerome also earned a Juris Doctorate at TSU before venturing into private personal injury law. The success of the law firm propelled him to new heights in the legal industry and across other sectors and niches.

As a seasoned, reputable lawyer, Jerome Karam Houston successfully presented a wide range of clients within the past decade. He also sought other interests, including his long-time passion for real estate and commercial renovations. Since Jerome entered into real-estate, he has bought, developed, and sold millions of dollars worth of properties over the last two decades. He created JMK5 Holdings in 2000, which played a significant role in the transformation of the Mall of the Mainland in Texas. His company also continues to develop properties in Louisiana and across the Gulf Coast region as a whole.

Galveston County Mayor Jim Yarborough gave Jerome Karam the nickname, “Dr. Impossible.” This was — and still is due to Jerome’s passion and desired to take on challenges in life. He is considered a real-estate success by his peers and industry critics alike. Jerome bought and cultivated over a million square feet of property in just five years. He and his team continue to build mixed-use and multi-use commercial properties across the Gulf Coast region.

Purchasing the old Mall of the Mainland was a big project for Karam and the company. They successfully transformed the Mall into a multi-use facility, including a world-class gym, Plaza Royal executive suites, and the nation’s largest trampoline park. Jerome also remodeled an old JC Penny building adding more spaces for garages. The Mall of the Mainland in Texas City is situated 20 miles north of the historic brewery. Karam has also diversified his real-estate portfolio to include lavish, elegant lofts across the Galveston area.

From Houston to Lake Charles, Jerome Karam continues to give back to the communities in many ways. In addition to his legal and real-estate professions, Jerome strongly believes in and supports local, grassroots philanthropic endeavors. His new developments continue to provide employment opportunities for local individuals and families. This includes the Trampoline Park in Texas City, Galveston County — Toddler Time, and Teen Jump are ideal for hosting local birthday parties and social functions.

Real-estate development remains Karam’s passion across the board. However, he puts the same passion into philanthropy as he does commercial development. This includes donations and charitable drives for the local Catholic Community in Galveston. Jerome Karam believes in community empowerment and helping folks from all walks of life succeed in their desired endeavors.

Jerome is currently remodeling a local YMCA building for the youth and adults in Lake Charles. Hurricane Laura recently hit the City of Lake Charles and a lot of damages occurred to both residential and commercial properties. Jerome Karam will continue to help the communities in Lake Charles and surrounding cities in Louisiana as best as he can.

The hurricane, however, will not hamper efforts of building six multi-unit properties in Lake Charles. Jerome and his team will continue to renovate and revamp abandoned retail facilities and turn them into workable, livable structures. These include large, spacious condos in some areas — very similar to Jerome’s previous projects including 12 apartment buildings and complexes.

Jerome Karam continues to be a visionary and respected businessman across the Gulf Coast Region. With several projects and community programs in progress, his work and dedication to improving lives are appreciated and admired by one and all. Karam believes that no challenge is ever too big to fulfill your dreams, hopes, and goals.

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