Nicky Zooks, aka ‘Nicky Will Eat it’ makes the rounds of Bethel CT and Greater Danbury towns promoting restaurants, cafes & food businesses

BETHEL, CT, March 05, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — 10 year old entrepreneur Nicky Zaccagno, aka “Nicky Zooks” will eat anything. Here’s how he’s using that superpower to help restaurants in Bethel and Greater Danbury CT.

The 5th grader who goes by the nom de ‘net ‘Nicky Zooks’, eats everything — “liver, you name it” — according to his dad Dino Zaccagno. With hopes of becoming a chef someday, Nicky is already on his way, with a sophisticated and sometimes courageous palette ready for (almost) anything his parents will allow him to chow down on.

After posting a few videos to YouTube where he devoured a rabbit and the heart of a cow…yes that’s right…. Nicky shifted gears. He hit upon the idea of using his YouTube food channel, appropriately named Nicky Will Eat It as well as his Facebook page to promote local restaurants whose businesses were hit hard by the COVID virus lockdown restrictions.

With over 1.1 thousand subscribers to his channel and upwards of 800 views per video, Nicky is growing quite the following.

The format of each “mini-review” is simple: early on in the pandemic, it was to place a take-out or dine-in order for one of his favorite dishes. Nicky would describe how delicious it is, with a thumbs up, and so far no thumbs down, in the hopes that those watching might pick up the phone as well. Now, a few months in, Connecticut is allowing indoor dining at 25% capacity. “Boosting Bethel” was born.

Lately, Nicky is branching out, “boosting” restaurants both in Bethel as well as its surrounding towns- Danbury, Brookfield, Redding and New Milford- essentially the whole Greater Danbury area, in the hopes of helping local restaurants stay afloat until the pandemic is over. Once we are in the clear, who knows?

*Please note: Although Nicky is the heart and soul of the operation, all of his social media is created and monitored closely by Mama and Papa Zooks, Mary Ellen and Dino Zaccagno.

Interested in having Nicky boost your restaurant, cafe, catering biz or food truck? Contact him here or email him @ [email protected]

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