Altrua Health is I Life & Health’s Answer to The Rising Cost of Health Insurance.

NEW YORK, NY, July 14, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — I Life & Health started to offer Altrua Health Care earlier this month as an answer/alternative to major medical insurance cost increases. “Our customers simply cannot afford major medical plans all the time,” says Raymond Giudici from I Life and Health. According to Altrua’s site and other noted references, Altrua Health is a non-profit, faith based program that many can join. It offers similar benefits to insurance, but is not an insurance company. Altrua is a growing health-share co-operative and an alternative answer to big insurance. If you are looking for this type of healthcare you are not alone. It appears these plans serve hundreds of thousands nationwide and that’s not stopping any time soon.

In interviewing I Life & Health, we had an opportunity to look through the benefits description. It looks similar to a regular health plan with the exception of a few terms. For example, a co-pay is called an MRA with their Copper or Silver plans. In addition, the company standards asks that mainly otherwise healthy people join. There is a statement of standards which all looks very straight forward. It has a PPO Dr. Network; member needs and claims are processed, discounted, and paid like a normal health plan. There are 5 authorized co-operative plans like it in the nation. However, Altrua is the fastest growing, possibly because it looks and acts similar to what people are used to in a traditional health plan.

I Life & Health helps people in many ways. For now it is ACA exempt, meaning you will not be subject to a tax penalty if you buy this plan. It also competes with major medical plans, for those who need a price break or alternative to major medical insurance. Even if Obama Care is repealed, the Altrua health plans will remain at a lower cost to the consumer. Be it medical needs or monthly contributions, these groups are a rising competitor with big insurance. Altrua is committed to helping those in need. I Life & Health says they have the same vision.

I Life & Health offers a verity of medical plans including specialty insurance plans and co-operatives.

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