Dr Sumita Sofat for the last +25 years is helping the childless couple to conceive despite all the odds, through the use of the latest and advanced technological options.

LUDHIANA, INDIA, December 30, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — IVF: Not a Mysterious Procedure ‘ANYMORE’

Back in 1978, when the first healthy test-tube baby was born, the world did not take it seriously. Several speculations emerged concerning its effectiveness and the way it is performed. People even wondered, ‘What ‘Artificial insemination’ is all about’? Will the procedure work effectively, just the way it’s needed. Lots of concerns and doubts, but at that time no one was able to get the answer. 

However, that’s in the past! In the 21st century, the way treatment is approached and looked upon has made a contributory part which one ever has thought about. But, as time passes by infertile couples have started to understand, ‘How is it effective to visit one of the best ivf centre in punjab.’ From the IVF cycle, that mystery is fading away gradually but to enjoy what it actually can offer, the journey to one of the leading IVF centre is essential. 

Current Findings!
At present, over 1.6 million IVF cycles have been performed in the last 10 years which is going to get more & more in the coming years. If someone still refers to IVF as ‘NEW or NOT So Reliable Procedure’ then it’s important for them to make more efforts & get clarity over the entire treatment. 

Yet, during this time, there have been very few IVF lab mistakes. While none of us has access to the exact number, the exact number of errors is very small. Regardless, even one or two IVF lab mix-ups is one too many.

Simple, innovative yet time taking process

The natural process of conception takes time and it might seem fairly simple. Just like that, the IVF cycle is & the only difference; insemination happens outside the body and that too in a controlled environment. IVF cycle is about combining eggs & sperm and keeping them in a lab till the time fertilization is done and later the embryo is formed. 

Who would have thought such a method can result in the pregnancy phase for all those couples who are struggling to conceive for a long time. The journey of 28 to 40 days might seem long but when the doctor congratulates the patients by saying, ‘You are Pregnant!’ That joy is difficult to explain in words. 

Being informed about IVF treatment is important

Many people believe what others have to say or what their approach towards the treatment is. But, this is what should not be done. ‘MYTH’ is one of the troublesome things which do not let people make the choicest decision in their life. The situation demands consulting one of the leading IVF centre and getting better clarity over the entire process. Some of the known MYTHS which does not make any sense are:

• IVF babies are not normal
• IVF is only for an infertile couple
• IVF is just for the rich couple
• IVF is not safe 
• IVF requires you to stay in the hospital most of the time
• IVF leads to C-section pregnancies
• IVF is just for a young couple

Scroll down the web by searching for, ‘IVF Myths’ and there are countless options that will show up on the computer screen. 

IVF can be used for different situations

There is not just one thing that grabs the infertile couple attention towards IVF. It is one of those treatments that can be used in different scenarios and rest the IVF doctor will guide the couple:

• Endometriosis
• Low sperm counts
• The uterus or fallopian tube problem 
• Ovulation problem
• Antibody problems that harm sperm or eggs
• Sperm not able to penetrate or survive in the cervical mucus
• Poor egg quality
• Unexplained infertility
• Genetic disease be it, mother or father

IVF can be termed as the first and last infertility treatment option. Depending on what is the patient condition, the fertility doctor will guide what is best for every patient. 

Choose with IVF centre carefully

Individuals always look upon the low cost ivf centre in punjab. But, things don’t end by knowing the IVF cost. The couples struggling to get pregnant need to know certain things about the clinic which are worth like hitting the jackpot:

• How much is the pregnancy ratio per embryo transfer?
• How much is the live birth rate of patients undergoing the IVF cycle this year?
• How many multiple or twin birth deliveries have happened?
• How much is the storage cost of embryos?

The modern approach requires the necessary skills

Being referred to as modern & inventive comes with different responsibilities altogether. Dr Sumita Sofat is one of the known names who is making efforts for the last 25 years to help the childless couple experience the joy of pregnancy. It’s a journey that requires patience and a positive approach.

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