Each person has a different body shape. You can fit C7 into your head & body. C7 Pillow is personalized and customized.

NEW YORK, NY, November 15, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The quality of your sleep heavily depends on the condition of your day. A good quality sleep often relieves fatigue and energizes the body to refresh the mood. One of the reasons that crucially affects the quality of sleep is the pillow. If you use a pillow that is not your type, your neck and shoulders may be negatively affected with a muscle stiffness the next day. Using the wrong pillow may leave you with no relief or refreshment in your body even after sleeping for a long time. However, it isn’t easy to find a pillow that best suits you since ready-made pillows are made in factories with similar types.

C7 Pillow, which will be available soon on Kickstarter, is a new type of pillow designed with an ergonomic consideration that we no longer have to adapt to the pillows anymore. We all have different body shapes and different sleeping positions. C7 Pillow allows you to adjust the height of the pillow to better adapt to the pillow height, subtly improve the overall sleeping quality, making the pillow adapt to your preference.

The inner pillow inserted inside C7 Pillow firmly supports the neck and holds the head effectively, creating a perfect C-NEST (Control and Comfort Nest) area in the center of the pillow. The hollow space inside the C-NEST is thoughtfully designed to create a breathable circulation system which lets the air flow freely and supports the head comfortably at the same time. The inner pillow that supports the back of the neck is designed to maintain the natural C curve of the neck. You can adjust the height of the inner pillow by gently rubbing the side or the center part of the pillow. In order to suit various body types, the contact surface length above and below the C-NEST is designed differently so you can turn the pillow around depending on your neck length. Both the inner pillow and C-NEST not only provides an ergonomic support optimized for comfortable space while sleeping but also provides a personalized fit customized for various body types.

C7 Pillow uses a pillow cover that is embossed with a pure cotton fabric to increase air circulation and moisture absorption to maintain a breathable condition. The exterior of the pillow uses 3D air mesh material to release the captured heat inside the cotton to circulate the cool air. An ideal amount of a microfiber cotton is filled inside the pillow for a perfect washing. The microfiber cotton used in this pillow is less tangled, has a better restoring force, and dries faster than a ready-made pillows in the market. As the structure of the pillow is composed of independent parts, the pillow is less likely to deform and more convenient to wash it regularly.

A representative from C7 said, “Because people have different body types and sleeping habits, the metric to measure the comfort level using the same pillow varies.” And also mentioned, “We want to provide customers with a truly customized pillow that will finally fit their body type optimized for personalized comfort for each individual.”

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