NUNEMISO Eye Center in Korea

SEOUL, KOREA, January 15, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The SMILE LASIK (a.k.a., Small incision Lenticule extraction) performed over 3.5 million surgeries in over 100 countries, reaching its prime period. SMILE LASIK is called 3rd-generation Vision Correction due to the advantages of conventional LASIK and LASEK eye surgery techniques. The SMILE LASIK can cut only necessary parts of the Corneal Epithelium through Femtosecond Laser, which is the most sophisticated technique. Therefore, SMILE LASIK has the advantage of no pain after vision correction surgery and no damages on the Corneal Epithelium.

It is because of SMILE LASIK vision’s technical and procedure difficulty issue. When the doctor is doing the SMILE LASIK, the doctor needs to separate the parenchymatous directly after using a laser on the eye. Also, at the initial phase of the technique, the eye-recovering period of SMILE LASIK took 30 days.

This lowering laser output power technique requires sensitive techniques and accurately collected data. In other words, NUNEMISO Eye Center doctors figured out appropriate output power and concluded that laser output energy less than 100nJ causes difficulty to separate the parenchymatous of the patient’s eye. This detailed adjustment shortens the patient’s eye recovery from period 30 days to 1 day and it is the world’s first success.

Recently, NUNEMISO Eye Center in Korea achieved 80,000 Smile LASIK surgeries. At the same time, NUNEMISO Eye Center has been selected as the only Smile LASIK Reference Center in the world by recognizing their 0.5% side effects results. The Reference Clinics are only given to one ophthalmology clinic per country, but The Reference Center exists only in Korea.

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