The Hear the Music Project- Vernon’s way of turning her daughter’s journey from deafness to hearing into the joy of serving others – brings free hearing healthcare, hope & healing to the Women’s Expo

ATLANTA, GA, November 01, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Jaime Vernon is no stranger to pain. Her life has been a pendulum of triumphs and setbacks. Guided by her single mother and their unwavering faith, Jaime learned to view challenge as a gift from a young age. She channels that spirit into her roles as a mother, wife, softball coach, and founder/CEO of Songs for Sound, a charity on a mission to revitalize the way we treat and see people with hearing loss and deafness.

Jaime grew up in small town Summit Station, Ohio. Her parents divorced when she was young and her mother worked diligently to raise two daughters. Jaime’s mother was her rock. She filled their home with gospel music and instilled a strong connection to God. “My mom taught me how much God loves me and that has helped steer me through all of life’s hiccups.”

Jaime’s world was shattered when, as a young divorced mother to toddler Jacob, she lost her mom to cancer. Devastated, she leaned on God and music to heal and rise from the pain with a commitment to “pass on her mother’s love torch”. She moved to Nashville where she remarried and gave birth to her daughter, Lexi, in 2007.

When Lexi was born, she somehow missed her newborn hearing screening. When her pediatrician referred her for testing at 10 weeks old, it was inconclusive due to fussiness and by 10 months old, her parents knew something was wrong. Despite being told to wait and see, the Vernon’s pushed to see a specialist and at 14 months old, Lexi was diagnosed with profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. She is deaf.

Hearing the words, “your child is deaf”, and imagining her life without the sounds of laughter, cheering or music was deeply painful for Jaime. But she did what she had always done and took this challenge as a gift. She turned her fears into hope and when she learned that cochlear implants could restore her daughter’s hearing, a mission was born. Lexi received Cochlear America’s cochlear implants in both ears, and at 19 months she heard her first sounds. Today she is a typical 9-year old girl, excelling in athletics and the classroom in a private school in Nashville, and Jaime wants to make sure everyone with hearing loss or deafness has the same opportunities for inclusion.

Jaime hopes her story of love and triumph is reflected in Songs for Sound’s participation in the Ultimate Women’s Expo in Atlanta, GA at the Georgia World Congress Center, Nov. 4-5; Sat 10-5, Sun, 11-5. The Hear the Music Project will also be there giving free hearing screenings, hearing protection, and resources to connect you with the best hearing options. You can receive a screening from our OTOKIOSK state-of-the-art screening kiosk, find an audiologist, book an appointment and demo hearing aids, cochlear implants just minutes aboard the clinic. Industry leaders Cochlear Americas, Otokiosk, and Phonak sponsor the project.

After a short proof of concept mission in 2015, the Hear the Music Project has been touring the nation since 2016 to raise awareness around hearing loss, connecting more than 13,000 people with quality hearing specialists and solutions, visiting 20 states and hosting hundreds of free events. It is the vehicle through which Jaime’s pain has been transformed into joy through serving others. The project will serve the Ultimate Women’s Expo this month before heading back home to Tennessee to close out the year

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About Songs for Sound:
Songs for Sound is a Nashville-based nonprofit organization that aims to bridge the gap between “I think I have hearing loss” and quality hearing healthcare while increasing inclusion and opportunities for those with hearing loss and deafness. The organization serves as a voice for veterans, senior citizens, and children with hearing loss, provides education on hearing loss solutions, raises funds for individuals with hearing loss, and lobbies for legislation that makes solutions more affordable and accessible.

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