What makes Georgia a favorable surrogacy destination?

TBILISI, GEORGIA, May 13, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — In this present scenario, Georgia is the best alternative surrogacy destination. Both altruistic and commercial surrogacy arrangements are legal in Georgia. Although there is no surrogacy law in Georgia, the efficient legal process followed in Georgia proficiently regulates the surrogacy process.

Georgian surrogacy law declares that the surrogate mother cannot claim any right over the surrogate baby.

Since 1997 compensated surrogacy has been legally accepted in Georgia. International Commercial Surrogacy allows starting surrogacy tourism.

The increasing infertility rate and high cost of surrogacy in western countries make Georgia a preferable surrogacy tourism site. International infertile couples married or in living relastionship for more than a year often prefer to visit Georgia to pursue commercial surrogacy. Over the past decade, international fertility tourism has grown remarkably.

Intended parents from different countries visit Georgia due to poor surrogacy provision and infrastructure or commercial surrogacy banned in their home countries. Georgia is considered a substantial option for conducting commercial surrogacy because of the availability of a suitable budget and preferences. The infertile couples from across the globe have come to Georgia to experience the parenthood pleasure with the best quality service at a cost-effective rate.

It has the advantage to get surrogacy in Georgia because the intended parents will be the legal parents of the delivered child even after the delivery of the child happens with the surrogate mother’s womb.The birth certificate issued mentions the name of intended parents. Gestational Carrier Agreement mentions the agreed compensatory amount between client and surrogate.

Gestational Carrier Agreement also acknowledges the legal rights of both the clients. Then, the agreement is duly signed by the intended parents and surrogates before the conduction of a local notary.

Therefore, the scope of any mischief is negligible. A birth certificate will issued normally within one week after the delivery of the child. The intended parent’s names have also been registered on the birth certificate of the delivered child. The birth certificate does not mention the surrogate mother’s name anywhere.

Even need not take any consent from the surrogate mother to the registration of the infertile couple as parents. There is no birth certificate-related difference obtained between normally delivered children and surrogated childbirth.

Georgian surrogacy programs have different packages depending upon the cost, for example, a basic egg donor package, a guaranteed baby package, etc. Some surrogacy clinics recently launched a bank for Asian/Black or any other race Egg Donors who can take a trip to Georgia or any other surrogacy destinations associated with those organisations.

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