See why Wilderness Therapy is an emerging therapy methodology that is becoming increasingly popular.

CHARLOTTE, NC, June 28, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Wilderness Therapy is an emerging therapy methodology that is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness. Research shows that 90% of adolescents and 80% of parents champion the positive effects of wilderness therapy for up to two years after participating in the program.

The available research is overwhelming and spans more than 25 years.

About Wilderness Therapy at Trails Carolina

Trails Carolina is home to leading wilderness therapy programs to help your youth or teen. Since opening in 1993, Trails Carolina has pursued a unique approach to crafting its programs. A research-focused approach has allowed it to build standardized programs where the methodologies and results are repeatable. Since its inception, research has informed what works.

The first study by Dr. Steve Aldana of Brigham Young University demonstrated that the first wilderness therapy is effective for working with youth and teens with behavioral and mental health challenges. 91.4% of participants showed clinical improvements, with those benefits experienced up to six months after the program ended. These results allowed the team to lean into the components of the therapy methodology that worked and further improve on the same.

More recently, research by the University of Idaho’s Dr. Keith Russell effectively measured seven outcomes. The program outcomes taken into consideration included reported at the following stages of the program:

– admissions
– discharge
– 12-months post-completion

The reports showed that all participants reported a marked improvement in their total abilities to function and navigate life’s stressors and challenges. Similarly, a follow-up study by Dr. Russell at the two-year mark (post-program) showed that approximately 9 out of 10 participants (90%+) thought wilderness therapy was practical, and 83% of participants attributed their improvements directly to wilderness therapy.

Trails Carolina, Hiking, and More

While the positive feedback from the research results are excellent, and the ability to pinpoint the effectiveness of specific methodologies is even better. Dr. Russell’s study showed that there was one particular method that proved to be effective.

That method is known as the ‘continuous flow’ method. Notably, the ‘continuous flow’ approach is unique to Trails Carolina. This approach could easily be considered the heart and soul of the Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Program.

Even with ‘continuous flow’ as a crucial part of Trails’ offering, it is still true that one size does not fit all. As such, supporting elements help ensure the program is uniquely tailored to suit the youth and adolescents being treated. Essentially, the whole approach is holistic and as unique as each student being served.

Getting Started with Trails Carolina

If you have a youth or teenager who is having a tough time navigating life’s challenges, wilderness therapy may be the approach for you. Making a call or email is easy. The official contact information is on the website. A competent and friendly staff member will assist you and the teen(s) in your care.

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