SAN FRANCISCO – The conservative city that motivated ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft is putting forth another approach to get the opportunity to work: extravagant $6 big-bus transport rides with extensive seating, free Wi-Fi and specialists who convey snacks.

An company called Leap launched the service in March with morning and evening drives that take after open transport courses between the tony Marina locale and the heart of downtown San Francisco. Leap joins a private shuttle administration called Chariot, which works 15-seat traveler vans over numerous courses inside the city at an expense of $3 to $5 a ride.leap-bus-upgrades-public-transport-to-a-pleasent-commute-in-san-francisco-video-93670-7

Fans say the application empowered transports and shuttles supplement a maturing city travel system that is inconsistent and overburdened at peak times.Critics say the private rides are only one more indication of the developing gap between rich tech specialists and other people in a city where starter homes can undoubtedly try for $1 million.

A single-fare bus ticket on the citywide Municipal Railway is $2.25, amenities definitely not included.