Success is one of the many things that keep Alexandra Lozano motivated as one of the top names in immigration law.

SEATTLE, WA, December 29, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Success keeps Alexandra Lozano going as one of the top names in immigration law. Her clients continue to sing her praises years after her work with them is done. Making a life-changing difference convinces many to stay connected as much as possible.

What creates success stories for Lozano and her team? While every case is different, how she approaches immigration law plays a role in overall feedback that keeps her going.

Reducing the complexity of getting papers and gaining legal status in the United States is a huge selling point for Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law. Clients have shared their experiences of seeing results without ever having to leave the United States. That’s a crucial breakthrough for those whose options have been limited due to complex issues.

How is she able to keep clients in the United States legally? She has utilized I-360 petitions, T visas, U visas, and post-deportation options. These are all legal methods underutilized by many due to a lack of information.

Abogada Alexandra TikTok showcases original content encouraging user engagement. The videos draw people in through their information, and she receives plenty of follow-ups from interested people wanting to learn more.

Professionals are just starting to dial into TikTok and other social media platforms to help grow their law practice. What started as her just using it to bring awareness on immigration issues has become one of their main professional tools today.

A rewarding aspect of Lozano’s career is hearing from clients in the past who provide updates on their life. It proves her methods work and makes life-long changes for the better. While immigration law is constantly evolving, Lozano has nearly 15 years of experience with what works and what holds the process up.

She encourages all clients to share their experiences to give hope to others. People who have been through the immigration process are the best at showing people what is available after crossing the finish line.

Immigration lawyer Abogada Alexandra Lozano has over 13 years of experience practicing law. Since graduating from Seattle University School of Law, she has dedicated her life to working with immigrants. Her practice constantly explores different ways to help individuals stay in the United States instead of being forced to go through lengthy legal processes from outside the US.

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