BigDataRevealed will also be delivering its “Amazon AWS S3” and AWS AMI applications this month

BUFFALO GROVE, IL, November 04, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — BigDataRevealed (BDR) the premier application for identifying Personal or Private Information and performing remediation using Sequestering/Securing/Encrypting solutions. BDR recognizes the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a worldwide concern that will require companywide efforts to reach compliancy and circumvent substantial fines and marketing nightmares. Through our efforts to deliver a complete solution for GDPR regulations we have become well aware of the difficulty in reaching compliancy that each company will need to learn on their own without a quality application and methodology. For this reason, BDR combined “Apache Hadoop ” and BigDataRevealed into a fully integrated virtual machine that can be installed out of the box and be fully functional in 30 minutes.

BDR feels it can reduce the time required to reach compliancy from people years to people months. The size of the Data Scientist team can be dramatically reduced and allow you to become compliant before the GDPR grace period ends in May of 2018. As a result of meticulous planning and development efforts over the past two years BDR believes we will out deliver most any sized team and greatly assist you in passing a GDPR Audit. Be prepared before the hackers successfully breach your systems by encrypting the very fields they wish to steal. If you can accomplish this your company will not be fined and you may even receive very positive press for your foresight.

If you prefer to run BigDataRevealed on an existing Hadoop implementation, we will deliver our non VM Application Installer to you that only requires 30 minutes to install and implement. As an alternative to using a version of Hadoop provided by a vendor at their standard pricing; BigDataRevealed now delivers an automated install of the latest “Apache Hadoop” coupled with its BigDataRevealed Application. No need to spend six digits on a vendor’s version of “Apache Hadoop” environment.

For users and providers of cloud services
BigDataRevealed will soon announce (this month) its next Data Source/Target that will allow the world’s largest Cloud Environment to choose between Spark on Hadoop/HDFS and Amazons AWS S3. Contact us for further details, or watch for future announcements. BigDataRevealed will also be releasing its AMI version or Amazon’s AWS.

Why is a Virtual Machine offering becoming so exciting to many companies? One technical resource at most with some Unix knowledge will be needed to complete the install in about 30 minutes. BigDataRevealed will be immediately functioning after the install and can function well off the grid if desired. Analysts can immediately begin processing data and delivering results. BigDataRevealed is an Application designed to meet a clear majority of Requirements demanded by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (EU GDPR) and Most any other Country’s Data Regulatory Requirements. This video shows how in less than an hour you will have imported, implemented and started on your way to knowing the Compliance, Risk, Exposure you have when your Customers Private data is hacked or stolen, better yet, before – BDR-VM-Video-Link. Though the video is technical in nature, non-technical individuals will be able to understand the basics and appreciate what an Information Technology Department must accomplish to be compliant with GDPR and other country’s Regulations.

BigDataRevealed has made things remarkably simple. We have embedded BigDataRevealed with “Apache Hadoop” as our delivered Virtual Box. All you need to do is add your Data Assets (structured and unstructured). You can install and run on a server, desktop and even a laptop. For datasets in the millions or billions of rows we do recommend a desktop or server with 20 – 32 gig RAM available.

More about BDR and our methodology.

We have selected “Apache Hadoop” as it accepts most every type and form of data and is easily scalable to most any size you need. Hadoop provides a flexible, Open Source, inexpensive, centralized data store that is necessary for meeting Regulatory Requirements, especially “EU GDPR”.

Meeting requirements like Indirect Identifiers and the Right to Erasure (The Right to be Forgotten) need the ability to communicate and correlate with legacy data as well as PDF files, Word and Office documents, XML and many other forms of data that are all accessible at the same time. BigDataRevealed has this covered.

See the attached 22-page link detailing our recommended methodology for keeping up with today’s and tomorrow’s Regulatory Requirements and with as close to Zero Latency as possible so that Private Data will have minimal exposure so when you’re hacked the impact will also be minimal. Download our Methodology PDF by clicking here – Methodology Download

BigDataRevealed will post links to our Free training schedule for the Virtual Machine and Demos of our Methodology and Application on its website

Download our Virtual Machine by clicking here – Virtual Machine Download

Reach BigDataRevealed to facilitate protecting your customer’s valued and confidential data at [email protected] or (847) 440-4439.

About BigDataRevealed: BigDataRevealed is a company whose mission is to deliver tools to improve the usability of the big data environment and quickly and accurately get companies prepared for the EU GDPR Requirements. BigDataRevealed’s flagship product, the intelligent catalog is the central core of all capabilities offered by BigDataRevealed, including the out of the box analytic capabilities extended to the big data environment. BigDataRevealed is driven by a core team relentless in devising capabilities not offered through the core capabilities available from the traditional big data vendors. One of these capabilities is the Secure/Sequester and Encrypt facilities, which extends the intelligent catalog through processes devised to ensure the identification and capture of potential PII issues whether introduced to big data through data feeds, real time data streams or other means.

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