Hurricane Irma left behind a path of fallen trees, damaged power lines and collapsed fences. But in the wake of Irma’s aftermath, Miami based businesses had plenty to feel grateful for.

MIAMI, FL, September 19, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Nerds Support’s Miami IT Services Company was pleased to announce that during the time of Hurricane Irma, none of their cloud solutions or hosted applications suffered loss of service or any interruptions. The staff was prepared for worst with a full business continuity plan in place. When talking to Scott Richman, CEO and Founder of Nerds Support, he simply said that this what clients come to expect. Scott mentioned that it was funny we received very little calls from our clients asking us if we prepared.

“On the contrary, we were calling clients and assuring them that their business was going to be safe,” Scott said. “While many concerned business owners across South Florida were scrambling to protect their business, our clients just seemed to feel secure in trusting us with their business.”

Scott told us the process of checking his clients, “we constantly tracked their cloud environments to make sure that there systems were up and running 100%.” Recovery experts examined the cloud data centers and found that, the cloud servers have maintained a 100% availability before, during and after the storm. This meant that businesses managed by Nerds Support were able to resume their business operations as if nothing happened after Irma passed.

“Nerds Support Clients felt secure relocating themselves to higher ground. Because our Cloud was fully functional this whole time, our clients were able to open any device from any location and resume working on their businesses as usual,” said Scott. The Miami based IT Support Company is known for their recognition from organizations such as MSP Mentor, The Channel Company and, most recently, The South Florida Business Journal for one the top fastest growing technology company.

While talking to Scott Richman, we found that Nerds Support is very passionate about helping businesses achieve their business goals. When we asked Scott about the importance of accessing your business systems & data, he stated “At Nerds Support, we believe that being able to access your business information is more than a privilege, it’s a necessity. Local businesses owners shouldn’t have to roll the dice on something they’ve put all their work into.” Scott went on to add, “Unfortunately, a lot of local business owners, even in a disaster prone zone like South Florida, don’t realize that and as a result, they are forced to stay closed until further notice, which is crazy in today’s world.”

Florida Power and Lighting has reported that as of September 18, about 55,000 customers still continue to live without electricity in Miami Dade. “FPL is working to bring power back across the state, but people don’t understand that there’s an order or priority that FPL follows to bring power,” Scott Added. According to FPL, restoration priority goes to Hospitals and public services first. After that, FPL works to find sectors in which they will be able to restore electricity to the largest amount of customers in the shortest amount of time. Finally, FPL will work to services smaller sectors and individual households. FPL’s website implies that your business will have power again depending which sector your business is located in.

When presented with this information, Scott said that no client that works with Nerds Support’s Cloud Solutions will have that problem. “Because of Nerds Support’s Cloud Solutions, our clients have always been, and will continue to be, able to access their business applications & data remotely and continue achieving their goals.” Scott asserted and mentioned that if your business is not using cloud solutions this is the time to start thinking about it before their business is faced with a disaster.

Scott later begun to explain the importance of a DR plan (disaster recovery plan). He explained that many businesses think about password security and hackers when they think of recovery plans, but the truth is that disaster possibilities are far broader than just cybersecurity. According to Scott, anything from a Cyberattack to a simple power outage can have a massive impact on any business.

Scott also spoke about a client. His offices had no power for weeks last July and he mentioned it was due to the whole building having server issues with a lightning rod and fire in their main electrical room, he also remembered that the weather was perfect. “These are strange occurrence we never think could happen, but they do more often than people really know. Every other business in that building was shut down, except our client’s business. This client was able to tell all their employees to go work from home. While other business in that building where relocating there servers and computers to other location,” Scott recalled.

Nerds Support is willing to help business until electricity and internet are fully restored to Miami Business Owners by waiving there setup fees. You can reach Nerds Support at 305-551-2009 or fill out a contact form here.

About Nerds Support, Inc.

Nerds Support, Inc., is a Florida based organization that is devoted to helping companies implement the latest in technological solutions in order to increase productivity and reduce costs. Nerds Support, Inc. is better known because of their years of experience and knowledge of Managed IT, Security, Data Center, Data Management, Backup, Storage, Infrastructure Management, Security & Compliance just to mention a few. Nerds Support, Inc. is honored to be a partner with well name manufactures that are leaders in their field such as Cisco, AT&T, Avast, HP, Microsoft, Dell, VMware, Comcast, Quickbooks, Lenovo and Citrix just to name the few. For more information, please visit or call 305-551-2009.

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