Vion solves problems towards electric trucks implementation into the North American market

TALLINN, ESTONIA, September 28, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Electric trucks are intended to change the market of highway transportation minimizing expenses for cargos delivering. Mass production of such vehicles is scheduled for 2019 and several large US and Canada companies have already pre-ordered Tesla trucks. Implementation of electric vehicles into the North American market faces some obstacles but Vion Company is expected removing them.

1. There is no necessary infrastructure.
The majority of electric charging stations is located within city areas and is oriented to cars charging. They have no enough power capacity for charging road trains. Vion Company plans constructing 50 electric charging stations in the next two years locating the stations every 600 km along the main US routes specializing on trucks charging.

2. High cost of trucks
Tesla Motors announced that the first electric trucks would cost about $150-180 000. (E.g. Volvo trucks cost about $90-100 000 for new ones and about $30-50 000 for pre-owned trucks). But electric vehicles are much cheaper in maintenance and they demand minimal expenses for cargos transportation.

3. Fear of modernity
People are always afraid of scientific progress but electric trucks are expected to remove diesel and gasoline engines within several years and Vion will help in achieving such goal showing that electric powered road trains are convenient and profitable.

Vion removes obstacles towards the US highway transportation fleet electrification building sufficient infrastructure (50 electric charging stations within two years).

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