Old classic days of haute couture designs appeal all of us, where the eccentric visions of the genius designers happened to get translated into reality by the toils and hard work of many. Since the 17th century, we have come across many changes and the question is how the craft of haute couture changed over time and how it makes an appeal to us even today.

We talked with the New York Based fashion brand Farah Naz. While the high end luxury brand was founded in the year 2018, it has a dedicated product line for classic range of haute couture designs. These clothing ranges include Train Gown, Floor-Length Gown, Cape Style Jumpsuit etc.

A Model wearing Train Gown. Image Courtesy: Farah Naz New York

Many complain about the inconvenience and trouble in managing the haute couture clothing, Farah Naz has come up with the concept where they have primary focus on ‘portability’ while still ‘looking good’. The combination of these two has made their product line up even more appealing.

Apart from classic haute couture designs, Farah Naz has a separate line up for sustainable clothing where they have dresses made with eco-friendly fabrics without any chemical based ingredients. The sustainable product range Eco-trend Ripped Skinny Jeans, Organic Straight Cut Jeans, Velvet Silk Gowns etc.

A Model wearing Floor Length Gown. Image Courtesy: Farah Naz New York

There is also a collection range from Farah Naz New York, where the designs are made while blending sustainable technologies with the craft of classic hand-woven haute dresses.

When most of the luxury fashion brands are reviving and revamping the haute couture designs through their respective innovative style, the trends set by fashion houses like Farah Naz is something definitely inspiring for others.