Drug abuse basically means taking the drugs without any medical reasons that can impair one’s ability to function in a proper way. Its consequences are social, physical and emotional harm. There are several factors, which are associated with drug abuse like peer influence, epigenetic and genetic factors and the behavior that is acceptable in community. Although, drug abuse is very complex but health workers can reduce this disease comprehensively.
Drug addiction is not only about heroin or cocaine but one may get addicted to alcohol, painkiller or other legal substances. Drugs flood one’s brain with the chemical known as dopamine. People take drugs to feel good and ease out their stress. Charas, Opium, fuki and some other synthetic drugs are in use at an alarming rate. This has become a worldwide trend in lifestyle in rich as well as poor countries. Once a person starts his face towards this doorway he gets involved in one crime after another. When drugs are used for long, it can have impact on judgment, decision-making, ability to learn and memory.

Apart from that, with Drug abuse, there has been significant morbidity and mortality amongst the youngsters. Although, drug abuse is very complex in magnitude but there are community leaders who have implemented interventions so that the drug abuse rate can be decreased because this issue is not only limited to any single community or culture. There are several innovative strategies, which have been used to tackle drug addiction targeting the youth.

Mukesh a regular boy, in his teens, barely 15-16 year, with small eyes, slightly short for his age, is seen working on his farms, and when you go closer, you realize his knowledge of farm techniques is far superior. How long have been working here, and comes the reply, for about 8 years. He has been helping his father, and goes to School, currently pursuing agricultural science, to get into advanced mode of agricultural techniques. On the way, you realize, this chap has a busy schedule, he is also a part of the panchayat, run by kids his age. He teaches village kids everyday, as part of his duty to the village. When he goes to college, on his way back, he has taken up awareness campaigns that he manages along with his friends, in the slum areas. Nearby. And the most important information that I get to know, as I was bidding him goodbye-, A Dera Sacha Sauda Follower, he is a resident of village Rania and goes to School in Sirsa. He was on a trip to Delhi, as part of buying Farm equipment. This boy was doing everything, right now, not waiting for some milestone to strike and that is precisely what he has learnt being in Dera Sacha Sauda. DSS chief, Baba Ram Rahim has even formed a teenage disaster management force, called were teenagers, like Mukesh, are a part and receive disaster management trainings. These trainings, turn our youngsters into more aware citizens, too apart from preparing one for any disaster.

In Dera Sacha Sauda, several awareness camps are conducted to counsel youth regarding the consequences of drug abuse. Also, they do encourage the youths to participate in development of healthy society. Here the youth is involved with every building activity of the Society, Donating Blood, youngsters wait to turn 18, so they can turn saviors for someone, once 18, they are seen in the corridors of blood banks, every 3 months. They would be seen conducting awareness drives, against various social issues, Frequently indulge in teaching street kids, alongside managing their studies. Needless to say, here that these Youngsters, are already involved in spiritual awakening since the age of 5 years. Practicing meditation daily, some even sit in meditation for 6 hours at a stretch.
Waking up between 2-5 practicing Yoga and meditation is a regular feature. And the willpower and commitment, they ooze, will give a ride of their life, to the toughest of monks. I was particularly impressed at the way they manage multiple assignments along with heir already packed schedule. Yet, a single call, to help in some fire disaster, or building collapse, these will reach the site, before the authorities on many occasions. And usually up in the nights, studying, or doing their regular meditation routine. Thus, they are already used to the strongest intoxicant and that is humanity and spirituality. Those who indulge in these forms of intoxicants, know there cannot be any better version.

If one is Interested in quitting drugs, usually 7 days de-addiction camp is conducted at Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa where the drug addicts are counseled to live a healthy life by quitting drugs, by Baba Ram Rahim himself.

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