NYBlue invests and holds substantial amounts of its assets in precious gemstones; in the form of Cambodian blue zircon.

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, January 11, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — NYBlue Pty Ltd (“NYBlue”) has announced a global buying campaign of gemstone-quality Cambodian blue zircon.

NYBlue currently holds more than 1,000,000 carats of both raw & faceted stones, NYBlue aims to reinforce its position as a leading global supplier of Cambodian blue zircon.

NYBlue Pty Ltd is an Australian private company specialising in acquiring and distributing high-quality White, Red and Blue Cambodian zircon gemstones.

Zircon is the oldest mineral on Earth, dating back more than 4.4 billion years. Blue zircon is exceptionally rare, due to its extremely limited supply. Recent legislation has resulted in the closure of most blue zircon mines in Cambodia.

Natural zircon possesses the extraordinary attribute of double refraction. This characteristic endows Zircon with enhanced dispersion compared to diamonds, making it an exceptional choice for industry professionals seeking unparalleled radiance in their jewellery pieces. Zircon’s age & scarcity in the market further elevate its desirability among industry professionals.

NYBlue’s decision to initiate a global buying campaign stems from the perceived significant undervaluation of the commodity within the international marketplace.

Blue zircon’s limited supply, rapidly depleting deposits and recent legislated mine closures; along with an extremely shallow market depth, are expected to result in favourable market conditions.

Similar conditions have been observed in the African gemstone Tanzanite, which experienced significant price fluctuations over recent years. Tanzanite was discovered in Tanzania in the 1960s. Its price surged as demand increased, with some tanzanite specimens rivalling the price of diamonds.

NYBlue anticipates the trajectory of Cambodian blue zircon to align closely with analogous trends.

According to GIA, the world’s foremost authority on diamonds & coloured stones, “Blue zircon was a particular favourite in Victorian times. Gemologist George Kunz—Tiffany’s famed gem buyer—was a notable zircon advocate. He once proposed the name “Starlite” to promote the gem’s fiery nature.”

Frequently, individuals tend to conflate & confuse zircon with cubic zirconia. Such confusion arises from the similar names. In reality, their dissimilarities are pronounced and substantive. Zircon is a rare, primordial, naturally occurring mineral with unique properties, whereas cubic zirconia is a synthetic, lab-created gem designed to mimic the appearance of diamonds.

NYBlue Pty Ltd is committed to securing a substantial quantity of both raw & faceted gemstones from various sources across the globe. Following the acquisition campaign, NYBlue intends to initiate an extensive global marketing campaign aimed at informing consumers and industry professionals of the exceptional attributes of Zircon as well as showcasing its superiority when compared to other gemstones.

NYBlue majority shareholder, Mitch Brownlie has stated “We believe that Cambodian blue zircon deserves recognition as one of the most extraordinary, underappreciated and undervalued gemstones on the market”

NYBlue aims to establish a retail pricing range per carat of between $5,000 and $15,000, which if successful, would value the company in the billions of dollars.

“NYBlue Pty Ltd is an Australian private company specialising in acquiring and distributing high-quality White, Red and Blue Cambodian zircon gemstones”

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