Ugly California justice system failure.San Francisco District Attorney Conrad DelRosario illegally teamed up with Public Defender Investigator and Ex-CIA Robert Stemme and possibly with other DAs to convict innocent woman Marjorie Rimando. Allegedly, Conrad wanted to avenge his relative Roy Delrosario wounded male pride since Ms. Rimando dated Roy and their relationship ended badly after Marjorie learned that Roy was romantically involved with another woman. According to The State Bar Of California and Office of Chief Trial Council complains, Delrosario also asked District Attorneys of neighboring counties to do the same.

DA office went as far as to call and intimidate several witnesses and, allegedly, ordered Ms. Rimando landlords to throw her belongings and furniture on the street from the apartment in American Canyon she was occupying. Moreover, Conrad Delrosario helped corrupt Secret Service agent Faisal Alshami (against whom Ms. Rimando previously complained to the U.S. Senate) to commit perjury in discovery documents by rewriting key witness Alla Bulatov testimony. When Ms. Bulatov complained and truth started to come out Ms. Rimando was badly beaten and now requires surgery.