Gregory Isaac Tambone yet again wows the tactical knife world with his newest design for 2024; the Bone Destroyer is a real head turner and brings a fresh perspective to a market dynamic that’s become stagnant and repetitive.

TAMPA, FL, April 14, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Renowned knife designer Greg Tambone, through his company Bone Tactical, proudly announces the launch of the innovative “Bone Destroyer” pocket knife—a groundbreaking addition to the tactical everyday carry (EDC) world. This exceptional new design redefines the concept of a tactical folding pocket knife, offering unparalleled performance and versatility for everyday tasks as well as life-or-death situations.

The “Bone Destroyer” stands out as a showroom quality friction folder that excels at a variety of cutting tasks while also serving as an effective force multiplier even before being opened. This unique design provides users with a powerful self-defense option that does not rely on fine motor skills or complex folding mechanisms—key factors when adrenaline is high and reaction times are critical.

Key features of the “Bone Destroyer” pocket knife include:

Ease of Use: The knife can be quickly deployed in emergency situations without the need for opening or manipulating mechanisms, making it a reliable tool when every second counts.

Quality Craftsmanship: Completely handmade and 100% in-house constructed, each “Bone Destroyer” knife is meticulously crafted completely from high-performance steels, resulting in a product that will stand up to generations of hard use.

Distinctive Aesthetic: The knife’s overall style is “battle-worn,” featuring a unique turn-of-the-century combat arms look from tip to clip. Each individually hand-crafted piece showcases a one-of-a-kind finish, making every “Bone Destroyer” knife a true work of art.

Certification and Authenticity: Each knife comes with a certificate of authenticity specifying the materials, lot number, and production date, ensuring the buyer receives a genuine Bone Tactical product.

This exciting new addition to the Bone Tactical lineup reflects Greg Tambone’s commitment to combining modern design with traditional craftsmanship, offering a fresh and innovative solution for tactical EDC enthusiasts.

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