MRHB Network has now expanded to the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, by receiving the license from the Ministry of Investment.

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, January 06, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — In a significant milestone for the ethical and halal digital assets space, MRHB.Network has announced its expansion into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, having received a license from the Ministry of Investment. This strategic move marks a new chapter in MRHB.Network’s journey, as the company plans to relocate its Research & Development (R&D) team to Riyadh, positioning itself at the heart of the booming GCC-MENA region’s growing fintech sector.

A New Era for Ethical and Halal Digital Asset Solutions

At $830bn Saudi Arabia has the largest Islamic Banking market globally and as such it was inevitable for MRHB.Network – the world’s most mature halal web3 ecosystem – to come onshore. By securing the license, MRHB.Network is now better able to partner with local, regulated institutions to drive its vision of a more inclusive, ethical, and halal approach to the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and digital assets.

Riyadh: The New Hub for Innovation and Research

The relocation of MRHB.Network’s R&D team to Riyadh is more than a geographic shift; it’s a strategic decision to tap into the vibrant and innovative fintech and venture capital ecosystem in the region. Riyadh’s dynamic, tech-forward environment offers the perfect backdrop for MRHB.Network to spearhead research and development efforts to bring the six trillion dollar Islamic economy into the digital assets era.

About MRHB.Network

MRHB.Network is a halal, decentralized finance platform built to embody the true spirit of “Ethical and Inclusive DeFi” by following faith-based financial and business principles where all excluded communities can benefit from the full empowerment potential of DeFi.

The diverse team comprises researchers, technocrats, influencers, Islamic fintech experts, business entrepreneurs and industry professionals, who have all come together to ensure that MRHB DeFi prevails in a manner that impacts society as a whole, essentially bridging the gap between faith-conscious communities and the blockchain world. visit

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