Insightful Comments from Craft Holsters’ CEO and Marketing Specialist on Their Diverse and Innovative Hellcat Holster Collection

TUALATIN, OR, December 22, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Craft Holsters, a renowned distributor of premium leather holsters, is thrilled to announce an extensive addition to their product line, now encompassing the complete Springfield Hellcat pistol series. This expansion includes the widely popular Springfield Hellcat, Springfield Hellcat PRO, Springfield Hellcat RDP, and Springfield Hellcat OSP models. Emphasizing their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Craft Holsters introduces holsters tailored to each of these models, crafted from superior materials to ensure durability and comfort.

The highlight of this expansion is the Springfield Hellcat PRO holster collection, a latest addition to Craft Holsters’ range. Designed specifically for the Hellcat PRO model, these holsters showcase the brand’s ability to adapt to evolving firearm trends and cater to the specific needs of gun enthusiasts.

Craft Holsters stands out for its blend of traditional craftsmanship and innovative designs. Their holsters offer a perfect fit straight out of the box, high natural retention, and are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and durable stitching. This commitment to quality is evident in their new Hellcat series holsters, which maintain the same benchmark standards.

Al Michalec, the Marketing Specialist at Craft Holsters, comments on the expansion: “Our mission is to provide a holster for every shooter, for every scenario. Recognizing the growing popularity of the Springfield Hellcat series, it was essential for us to include these models. We are excited to bring our top-quality, handcrafted holsters to the Springfield Hellcat community.”

Viktor Kovac, CEO of Craft Holsters, adds: “This launch is more than just introducing new products; it reflects our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our customers. We understand the varied requirements of today’s shooters and are proud to offer holsters that accommodate a wide range of models and carrying styles, whether for professional, personal defense, or sport shooting purposes.”

The new range from Craft Holsters includes various carrying styles, ensuring a suitable holster for every Springfield Hellcat owner. Whether for concealed carry, open carry, or tactical use, Craft Holsters offers a secure, comfortable, and stylish solution for every Hellcat model.

This launch is a testament to Craft Holsters’ ongoing commitment to improvement and their dedication to serving the shooting community with products that symbolize the shooter’s personality and style. For more information, visit

Specializing in the production of premium leather holsters, Craft Holsters focuses on quality craftsmanship. Each holster is handcrafted using traditional methods combined with modern techniques, ensuring products that are not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing, offering an ideal mix of functionality and style.

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