Tasheema Fair, MD, FACOGS, continues her acclaimed “LadyDoc Lifestyle” web series with a weight loss and exercise special. It’s streaming now on her brand new website, www.LadyDocLifestyle.com.

MARYVILLE, TN, December 15, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dr. Tasheema Fair, the renowned medical doctor, military reservist, and spiritual practitioner, is proud to announce the release of the highly anticipated Episode Two of her groundbreaking podumentary series, “LadyDoc Lifestyle.” Following the tremendous success of its inaugural episode in spring 2023, this new installment delves deeper into the realm of holistic wellness, focusing on the significance of healthy eating and exercise. Dr. Fair challenges conventional wisdom by revealing that one doesn’t need to exercise as vigorously or frequently as commonly believed. This episode offers valuable insights and practical tips to help individuals achieve lasting health improvements.

In “LadyDoc Lifestyle,” Dr. Fair seamlessly blends her medical expertise, military discipline, and spiritual wisdom to provide a comprehensive approach to well-being. Episode Two builds upon the foundation laid in the first part, offering a holistic perspective on health and fitness. It challenges the misconceptions surrounding exercise and empowers viewers to make long-lasting lifestyle changes. Dr. Fair’s engaging storytelling and expert insights make this podumentary series a must-watch for anyone seeking a balanced and enduring path to wellness.

Simultaneously with the release of Episode Two, Dr. Fair is proud to debut her official website. This online hub consolidates a wealth of information from various sources into one comprehensive platform. It features archives of Dr. Fair’s numerous media appearances and serves as the official home of the namesake podumentary. Most notably, the website is also the official home of LadyDoc Nutrition, Dr. Fair’s company dedicated to health and wellness through faith and spirituality. With the holiday season approaching, Dr. Fair aims to guide as many women as possible on their journey to lasting weight loss and improved well-being, emphasizing a holistic and faith-based approach.

Dr. Tasheema Fair couldn’t be more excited about the impact of “LadyDoc Lifestyle” and the launch of her official website. She says, “I’m thrilled to share Episode Two of ‘LadyDoc Lifestyle’ with my audience. This episode challenges common misconceptions about exercise and offers a fresh perspective on health and fitness. Our new website is where you’ll find all things LadyDoc from now on, providing a holistic approach to wellness through faith and spirituality. It’s a resource I’m proud to offer to women seeking lasting health improvements, especially as we enter the holiday season — a time know for adding pounds and bad habits to ladies’ lives!”

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